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It is no coincidence that the world sets its time by Greenwich meantime. For the last 500 years Great Britain has been a leader in clock and watch making innovation and design with over 60% of modern day mechanical watch components being invented in Great Britain.

Our mission at Tempus is to play a part in the evolution of timekeeping devices. We believe beautiful design has the power to redefine our experience of reality. By rethinking our relationship with time through design, we rekindle a love affair with the seemingly ordinary, allowing us to see it afresh and be intrigued and delighted by a newfound way of experiencing the world.

Designed and made in the UK, our timepieces forge something unique by bringing together elements of digital technology, luxury craftsmanship and kinetic art. With a focus on local manufacturing and sustainable materials, our products are designed to encourage us all to live life in the moment and appreciate our time more today than we did yesterday


Tempus is a showcase for the ethos and passion of artist and designer, Ben Rousseau, who set up his studio in 2001 producing bespoke lighting creations for a range of clients including private collectors, brands and hoteliers.

Ben wanted to design a timepiece that embodied his love of uniform repeating geometries and married a futuristic aesthetic with the functionality required for everyday life. His ambition is to transform the way society thinks about time in order to appreciate the importance and joy of living in the moment.

Avoiding traditional numbers or hands, Tempus instead uses an innovative, building pattern of light to present the time, with 132 channels of illuminating segments over three hypnotic, uniform arrangements. 

Tempus is crafted with sustainable, locally sourced, cutting-edge materials, and the precision machines that define Ben’s work. As well as combining the technology and beauty of digitally controlled lighting to complement and enhance modern environments, Tempus encourages us to appreciate time in a new light.



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